Entry: Poem by me 8 Monday, August 04, 2003

Here you go Gianelle i put this in here just for ya

Knife in one hand, Life in the other
Which lonely road of faith do you choose my brother?
With one comes joy and the other sorrow
Which one will your family feel tomorrow?
Life aint always easy and that sucks
But to stick it out and try, that takes guts
Tomorrow might not be a better day
But maybe then you'll get a chance to say
I love you to all those your gonna miss
And get one last chance to give that kiss
To your love and maybe a hug
To let you know she's still there
A reminder of how much she cares
Maybe then the next time your faced with that scene
You can take a step back and see what it means
To be a major part of somebody's life
And maybe, just maybe, then you'll put down that knife


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November 19, 2003   06:19 PM PST
hey mike this is deffinetly one of the best poems you have ever written im glad you chose life cuz you wouldnt be around now but you are and im glad

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