Entry: Poem by me 7 Monday, August 04, 2003

Cupids arrow in the air
So quick to pierce my heart
I give my love to quickly
The scare's upon my heart

As they leave the arrow's stem,control's a love that will not end
Pain now inside of me
That take's my breath away

One love come's as one love goes
Some would ease the pain
As they leave,the stem still there
I feel that hurt again

Now i'm thinking thought's impure
My heart i gave to love's unsure
For this heart ache there is no cure
This pain so deep inside

As i search for someone who,i know to me their love is true
The stem of cupid's arrow
Remind's me of the pain

To be alone and have no love
The passing of another day
The broken arrow still within
To my self i choose to stay


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