Entry: Poem by me 5 Monday, August 04, 2003

I donít know her name
Or her favorite color
But I do know that Iíve fallen in love
Fallen in love
With the sound of her voice
The curves of her face
The blue of her eyes
The shape of her nose
Iíve fallen in love
With the arch of her lips
With her exquisite smile
Iíve fallen in love
With the greatest girl on earth
she rules my heart
Like she rules the land
she keeps it whole
she keeps it safe
she takes care of it
Through the day and into the night
Iíve fallen in love
With a girl who doesnít know my name
she doesnít even know that I exist
But thatís ok as long as I can look at her
And feel love in my heart
Cause Iíve fallen in love
Yes Iíve fallen love
With a nameless girl


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