Entry: poem by me 2 Monday, August 04, 2003

This poem was when i was sad cuase no one notices me and no one gives me a chance.
Sitting here alone
these four walls trapping me in
i have so much to get out
that i dont even know where to begin
My body is shaking
im so scard and terrified
i hide my face in my trembling hands
to hide the painful tears i've cried
this room seems so empty and so cold
the surfaces covered with dust
the friendship that once ment something fade away
along with the vanishing trust
within my trembling hands i catch my falling tears
my lonly quivering heart is filled with all my greatest fears.
dont look at me with your sad eyes
like im suppose to pitty you
dont tell me everything will be ok
cause you dont know what im going through
the one i love doesnt even know im here and my heart breaks a little more with every falling tear.


August 4, 2003   09:36 AM PDT
its ok hun------people suck---and there is no way getting around it--but its hard to find the good ones---but when they come around hold on tight because another one might not comearound soon and they maybe all you've got----------i like your poetry --kindof reminds me of a few of my own---but yea i hope you get happier---or atleast more content because no one should have to feel like that all of the time-------good luck with life---((Natalie))

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