Entry: The Dream Is The Closest I Ever Get To You Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Who are you that sits there smiling. Do you know you bring a warmth to my heart. A place that is cold and dincingrating.As i look into your eyes and hope to see a fire i dont but i still think we got a chance. I look somewere else the second before i notice im looking at you cause i am scard to find out how you feel about me. I call myself the boy of your dreams the keeper of your heart. I think what if i was physic. What if i could see if you and i actually had a chance? Would i get hurt or be happy? I feel like getting closer to you each day but this only feels like a dream because it was to easy. A dream is the closest i ever get to you. But this isnt the kind of dream i want to have it would be filled with love sarrow and pain. To touch your lips is that dream. To feel the warmth of your presence is a better dream. This is the happiness i want in real life but a dream is the closest i can ever get to you


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