Entry: poem by me Monday, August 04, 2003

I cant tell a soul i love though my heart beges me to. every romantic song reminds me of you. everytime i see a happy couple i wish they were you and me. sometimes i wrote your name and stared at it darkly as i imigine how great our lives together would be but i cant tell a soul i love you. i cant even tell you. i write a poem trying to express the depth of my emotion hoping to make you understand the breath of my devotion but the words wernt enough. i cant describe the mix of joy and pain cause i can tell a soul i love you. i feel like me need to see you is tearing me apart piece by piece. my love for you is never easy to hide.i called my best friend to explain how much i love you but the words stalled on my tounge and again i had to pretend cause i cant tell a soul i love you. i sat on the beach and drew a heart in the sand while i imigined being with you or simply just holding your hand.i wanted to find you and tell you how much i love you and that i would always love you no matter what you do as i tide dashed in and stole my heart and carried it out to sea i just decided i cant tell a soul i love you.


November 29, 2004   10:11 PM PST
this is crap

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