Monday, August 04, 2003
Poem by me 7

Cupids arrow in the air
So quick to pierce my heart
I give my love to quickly
The scare's upon my heart

As they leave the arrow's stem,control's a love that will not end
Pain now inside of me
That take's my breath away

One love come's as one love goes
Some would ease the pain
As they leave,the stem still there
I feel that hurt again

Now i'm thinking thought's impure
My heart i gave to love's unsure
For this heart ache there is no cure
This pain so deep inside

As i search for someone who,i know to me their love is true
The stem of cupid's arrow
Remind's me of the pain

To be alone and have no love
The passing of another day
The broken arrow still within
To my self i choose to stay

Posted at 03:28 pm by lonesm
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Poem by me 6

I send this
With all my love I can show
And only hope in time
That what we have continue to grow

I watch the clouds ignite with flame
as the sun dips below the horizon.
Seemingly, an arid breeze lifts up from the pavement
to swirl around me,
almost in a caress,
as I stand there,
You are barely visible
as you fade away, down the road,
shrinking, slowly, like the sun.
I feel the impending darkness
beginning to creep,
the fire in the sky slowly waning
as the evening star clicks on.
I miss you already.
But I know, like the dawn,
your light will come again.
I will wait, and hope,
for nothing is ever certain.

Posted at 01:35 pm by lonesm
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Poem by me 5

I donít know her name
Or her favorite color
But I do know that Iíve fallen in love
Fallen in love
With the sound of her voice
The curves of her face
The blue of her eyes
The shape of her nose
Iíve fallen in love
With the arch of her lips
With her exquisite smile
Iíve fallen in love
With the greatest girl on earth
she rules my heart
Like she rules the land
she keeps it whole
she keeps it safe
she takes care of it
Through the day and into the night
Iíve fallen in love
With a girl who doesnít know my name
she doesnít even know that I exist
But thatís ok as long as I can look at her
And feel love in my heart
Cause Iíve fallen in love
Yes Iíve fallen love
With a nameless girl

Posted at 01:32 pm by lonesm
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Poem by me 4

Iím in love with you
Like a flower needs the rain
I need you
Like a human breathes air
You are the oxygen that I thrive on
You are everything and
Everyone that I see
No one but you
You are the light in the darkness
You are the light of my life
You are my joy my hope my inspiration
You are my will to live
Without you I am no one
Without you I go no where
Without you I have no reason to be
You are my everything
You are all that I need
You are simply the air that I breathe
And without you
I die
Like a leaf
I shrivel up
Becoming lifeless hopeless joyless
There is no reason to live if I have to live without you
There is no joy in living if I have to live alone without you by my side
My soul reaches out into the darkness
For your soul
Waiting wanting to feel your
Sweet embrace
The touch of your skin
The feel of your breath on my face
The way your eyes sparkle and shine
In the soft moonlight as they gaze into mine
And I realize how truly exquisite you are
When I think of you
Every problem in the world goes away
Because all I see is you
And you are my everything
You are what makes me whole
You are my world
You are my very heart and soul

Posted at 01:23 pm by lonesm
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Poem by me 3

As time passes by,
What I would give to see your eyes,
To hear your voice and your sighs,
Oh how slowly time passes by.
AS my days grow longer,
And my nights grow blue,
I dream of the next time,
That I will be with you,
To hear your voice and your sighs,
And once again to see your eyes,
Oh how quickly time will pass by,
But for now I will be bold,
As I long to be the one your arms enfold,
Ill keep you close to my heart
Because there.....
We are never apart ,
Oh how slowly time passes by!

Posted at 01:18 pm by lonesm
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poem by me 2

This poem was when i was sad cuase no one notices me and no one gives me a chance.
Sitting here alone
these four walls trapping me in
i have so much to get out
that i dont even know where to begin
My body is shaking
im so scard and terrified
i hide my face in my trembling hands
to hide the painful tears i've cried
this room seems so empty and so cold
the surfaces covered with dust
the friendship that once ment something fade away
along with the vanishing trust
within my trembling hands i catch my falling tears
my lonly quivering heart is filled with all my greatest fears.
dont look at me with your sad eyes
like im suppose to pitty you
dont tell me everything will be ok
cause you dont know what im going through
the one i love doesnt even know im here and my heart breaks a little more with every falling tear.

Posted at 08:57 am by lonesm
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poem by me

I cant tell a soul i love though my heart beges me to. every romantic song reminds me of you. everytime i see a happy couple i wish they were you and me. sometimes i wrote your name and stared at it darkly as i imigine how great our lives together would be but i cant tell a soul i love you. i cant even tell you. i write a poem trying to express the depth of my emotion hoping to make you understand the breath of my devotion but the words wernt enough. i cant describe the mix of joy and pain cause i can tell a soul i love you. i feel like me need to see you is tearing me apart piece by piece. my love for you is never easy to hide.i called my best friend to explain how much i love you but the words stalled on my tounge and again i had to pretend cause i cant tell a soul i love you. i sat on the beach and drew a heart in the sand while i imigined being with you or simply just holding your hand.i wanted to find you and tell you how much i love you and that i would always love you no matter what you do as i tide dashed in and stole my heart and carried it out to sea i just decided i cant tell a soul i love you.

Posted at 08:54 am by lonesm
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