Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Finding a place

Most people find peace when looking up at the night sky,
However I find peace looking deep into your eyes.
Some may find peace when strolling through the park,
Yet, I find peace laying with you in the dark.
Many may find peace sleeping at night,
But I find peace when you hold me tight.
There are even those who find peace alone in solitude,
Although appealing, I find peace just being with you.
I find peace looking up at the night sky
because the stars remind me of the twinkle in your eye.
I find peace when strolling through the hood
because I think about your love thats treated me good.
I find peace when I sleep at night
because I dream about you being Mrs.right
I find peace being alone in my room
because I know that you'll be there pretty soon.
I find peace
I find peace when I'm with you.
I find peace when thinking about you.
I find peace just because of you.

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when evening calls

When evening calls,
I call to the evening~~~
~~~in the heart.

My heart is soft and warm,
ready for the touch of love.
I own the arms of time
reaching into the horizons
for the heart that matches mine.

I hear the whisper, the hum
of angel's wings stirring
the sweet, summer-set
of yesterdays, of tomorrows.
There is a white-misted fog
of shining love that follows me.
I hear it calling:
~~~in the evening
And so, I wait with hope
with a fullness
~~~of faith

Until the evening calls,
~~~and my heart calls back

Posted at 06:25 pm by lonesm
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Monday, November 17, 2003
A Differant me

You tell me you donít like meYou tell me to change myself
Into something you approve of
Why canít I just be me?
A me I enjoy living
Apart of me wants to change
Just so youíll stop bugg
The way I am right now.
ing me
But what will I gain
From losing all my self-esteem
Why canít you just accept me
For who I am and
What I want to be
I never judged you
For all those things youíve done to me!
I sit here listening to all those things youíve said
Running through my head
Why must you always hurt me
When all I want is to please you
What is it thatís so wrong with me?
Why is it that youíre the only one
The only one who seeís it as wrong?
Why not just accept me
For who I am
What I am
What will become of me
Your love was always so Important to me
But now thatís all changed
I donít care what you think of me, anymore
All I want to do is live my life
Like I want to
And guess what, mother?
Thatís exactly what Iím going to do!
No more dressing up and putting on those airs
Iím going to wear those clothes
The ones with all those holes and tears.
No, I donít care what you think anymore
Iím living my life the way I want
To be the me Iíve always been inside
Now youíll see the anguish you have caused
All the suffering
Everything hurting that you gave me

Posted at 04:15 pm by lonesm
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Sunday, November 16, 2003
locked inside forever

Staring at a reflection that no one really knows
The gates arn't locked and the doors are never closed
But lately the inside is being less exposed
And it's forced to a life of never being chose
They turn their backs and walk away
And on their way out you can always hear them say
Pack up your bags and move on out
There's nothing here to see yeah there's no doubt
To keep movin' on would be a waste of time
To go any further you would have to be out of your mind
The candlelight is sure to fade
And all that's left are the lies that were made
I always thought you were the one
But you were always the first to run
You turned your back and walked away
And on your way out I could almost hear you say
Pack up your bags and move on out
There's nothing here to see yeah there's no doubt
To keep movin' on would be a waste of time
To go any further you would have to be out of your mind

Posted at 05:29 pm by lonesm
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Sunday, September 14, 2003
Here is another poem i think its the 9th one

you started a fire
inside me,
i couldnít catch
my breath!
i was so anxious,
even thrilled
at the sight
of flames!
it felt so good
to be warm, again.
i was suspended
in mid-air when
cold blooded truth
lashed into me.
i was shattering toward
calloused ground,
watching you,
licking your lips,
but standing firm
on the edge
of sanctified pain.
it was only
all units responded.
and the scene
of the crime---

Posted at 02:23 pm by lonesm
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Monday, August 04, 2003
Poem by me 8

Here you go Gianelle i put this in here just for ya

Knife in one hand, Life in the other
Which lonely road of faith do you choose my brother?
With one comes joy and the other sorrow
Which one will your family feel tomorrow?
Life aint always easy and that sucks
But to stick it out and try, that takes guts
Tomorrow might not be a better day
But maybe then you'll get a chance to say
I love you to all those your gonna miss
And get one last chance to give that kiss
To your love and maybe a hug
To let you know she's still there
A reminder of how much she cares
Maybe then the next time your faced with that scene
You can take a step back and see what it means
To be a major part of somebody's life
And maybe, just maybe, then you'll put down that knife

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Poem by me 7

Cupids arrow in the air
So quick to pierce my heart
I give my love to quickly
The scare's upon my heart

As they leave the arrow's stem,control's a love that will not end
Pain now inside of me
That take's my breath away

One love come's as one love goes
Some would ease the pain
As they leave,the stem still there
I feel that hurt again

Now i'm thinking thought's impure
My heart i gave to love's unsure
For this heart ache there is no cure
This pain so deep inside

As i search for someone who,i know to me their love is true
The stem of cupid's arrow
Remind's me of the pain

To be alone and have no love
The passing of another day
The broken arrow still within
To my self i choose to stay

Posted at 03:28 pm by lonesm
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Poem by me 6

I send this
With all my love I can show
And only hope in time
That what we have continue to grow

I watch the clouds ignite with flame
as the sun dips below the horizon.
Seemingly, an arid breeze lifts up from the pavement
to swirl around me,
almost in a caress,
as I stand there,
You are barely visible
as you fade away, down the road,
shrinking, slowly, like the sun.
I feel the impending darkness
beginning to creep,
the fire in the sky slowly waning
as the evening star clicks on.
I miss you already.
But I know, like the dawn,
your light will come again.
I will wait, and hope,
for nothing is ever certain.

Posted at 01:35 pm by lonesm
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Poem by me 5

I donít know her name
Or her favorite color
But I do know that Iíve fallen in love
Fallen in love
With the sound of her voice
The curves of her face
The blue of her eyes
The shape of her nose
Iíve fallen in love
With the arch of her lips
With her exquisite smile
Iíve fallen in love
With the greatest girl on earth
she rules my heart
Like she rules the land
she keeps it whole
she keeps it safe
she takes care of it
Through the day and into the night
Iíve fallen in love
With a girl who doesnít know my name
she doesnít even know that I exist
But thatís ok as long as I can look at her
And feel love in my heart
Cause Iíve fallen in love
Yes Iíve fallen love
With a nameless girl

Posted at 01:32 pm by lonesm
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Poem by me 4

Iím in love with you
Like a flower needs the rain
I need you
Like a human breathes air
You are the oxygen that I thrive on
You are everything and
Everyone that I see
No one but you
You are the light in the darkness
You are the light of my life
You are my joy my hope my inspiration
You are my will to live
Without you I am no one
Without you I go no where
Without you I have no reason to be
You are my everything
You are all that I need
You are simply the air that I breathe
And without you
I die
Like a leaf
I shrivel up
Becoming lifeless hopeless joyless
There is no reason to live if I have to live without you
There is no joy in living if I have to live alone without you by my side
My soul reaches out into the darkness
For your soul
Waiting wanting to feel your
Sweet embrace
The touch of your skin
The feel of your breath on my face
The way your eyes sparkle and shine
In the soft moonlight as they gaze into mine
And I realize how truly exquisite you are
When I think of you
Every problem in the world goes away
Because all I see is you
And you are my everything
You are what makes me whole
You are my world
You are my very heart and soul

Posted at 01:23 pm by lonesm
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